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Smoking Loon Pinot Noir 2018


Ahhhh Jesus Christ this is nice, so full of flavour that your mouth can’t take it, yet so subtle and sophisticated.


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Smoking Loon was established in 2000 on a very simple premise: good wine doesn’t need to take itself so seriously. Originally named for Don Sebastiani’s love of cigars and his father August’s passion for water fowl (don’t ask, long story), Smoking Loon off­ers an irreverent, tongue-in-cheek approach to enjoying wine. Our wines are crafted for those with an appetite for adventure, those in touch with their inner loon, those who consider pretence simply unnecessary. Each vintage provides our winemakers the perfect opportunity to have a little fun and indulge their inner loon. They start by scouring the top wine regions of the world for the ‑nest fruit. Then, they gently guide that fruit to its fullest potential, creating fruit-forward, well-balanced wines that o­ffer a keen blend of approach-ability, quality and value.


2016 Smoking Loon Pinot Noir features aromas and flavours of vanilla, wild strawberry and juicy cranberry. The light fruit flavours balance with notes of herbal flavours in this every day wine. Try pairing with baked salmon with a pecan panko crust, garlic rosemary pork loin or roasted mushrooms in a browned butter and garlic thyme sauce.


Chile’s natural boundaries are clearly de‑ned. At the north end is the Atacama Desert, the south end is de‑ned by the Patagonian glaciers, the eastern border is marked by the great Andes Mountain Range, and to the west is the Paci‑c Ocean. Together these distinct barriers help to maintain healthy growing conditions, protecting vineyards from pests and disease. Stretching nearly 250 miles from north to south, Valle Central of Chile is one of the largest wine regions in South America. In this region, vines thrive in uninterrupted sunshine. As night falls, cold air descends from the snow-covered peaks of the Andes. This temperature swing provides the environment wine grapes need to develop fresh fruit characteristics and crisp acidity. Chilean vineyards bene‑t from the abundant water for irrigation which flows from the eternal ice caps of the Andes. Chile’s unique geography and climate make for an ideal winegrowing region

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