Wine the Waistcoat Way. Whichever Wahay-ha-hey.

Waistcoat Wines have got you covered. Whatever Way you want to inhale your wine, you can inhale it courtesy or Waistcoat. We call it ‘Wines the Waistcoat Wines Way’. Or “Wine the WW-Way”, an abbreviated version, that i think sounds w&*ky, but the website makers said it was too long for the menu. P*&cks.

Trade Customers

Own a pub? Restaurant? Hotel? Bored of the same old wines from the same old suppliers? Send us an email now for a completely personalised wine list and price quote. Or, if you are already lucky enough to be supplied by us please just log in.

Waistcoat Wines Private Buyers Club

It is time for the common man to be able to have access to what all the restaurants do but at a similar price rather than the usual wines with a huge mark up in price. After years of running restaurants, I want people to get the best wines at the best price and this is what WWPBC gives you access to. Whether you know what you want or need guidance you will find it here. Everything is personalised to each customer along with some ‘outside the box’ suggestions to broaden your palate. Have a look through the cases and the full list, just make sure you are wearing a bib to catch the drool! Then, fill in the form, sign up and never look back again.

Come Wine With Me

Having a dinner party? Trying to cook a meal which will inevitably end in failure? Well why not make sure one thing can’t go wrong. The wine. Send me your dinner menu, the number of guests and allow me to perfectly pair wines for the evening to wow your guests, the best thing is you take all the credit!

My career was all about pairing wines with food and comes second nature to me. Take advantage of this with a completely unique and personalised case of wine to make your evening a massive success!

No Effort Cases

Don’t think, just look and pick one or two or three. Even reading this was too much effort.

Weddings and Events

Having one of the above, take the pressure off and leave it to us. Just fill in the short form and relax. Obviously, carry on planning the other bits.

Time Wasters

Time wasters are absolutely welcome. If you want to pay a premium price then that is absolutely spot on with us. In fact, maybe we should encourage this? Don’t waste your time, sign up and make your life a better place to be!

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