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Baglietti Prosecco DOC No.7


To me this bottle looks like something you may have found on the Titanic, very retro but beautiful. Baglietti Prosecco DOC No.7, praised the world over! Every single tasting I do with this wine people are beside themselves. The bottle is specially designed for Cantina Baglietti and is not found anywhere else .

Technical Details
Blend: Rose Blend
ABV: 11%
Closure: Cork
Colour: White
Style: Sparkling
Suitable for Vegetarians: No
Suitable for Vegans: No
Organic: Yes
Biodynamic: No


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SKU: 1888
Category: - ROSE, - SPARKLING, Italy
Tags: bubbles, Classy, Clean, Creamy, Crisp, Different, Elegant, Fine Pearlage, Organic, Pear Drops, pure class, strawberries

The House

At Baglietti it is all about craftsmanship and family tradition. The wine house is known for its high standards and great quality. Every day they work hard to create modern wines without compromising with our legacy. They do what they love and they love what they do. And they make sure that this approach is reflected in every single bottle that leave their house on its way to you.

Important Numbers

Today Baglietti is well known for its premium quality. But where do the numbers come from? The legend has it that the wines’ names are inspired by addresses along a certain Treviso village street where important decisions regarding the wine house’ future have been made. One decision at number 5, one at number 6, one at number 7 and another one at number 10.

No. 7

Baglietti Rosé Extra Dry No.7 is an ecological spumante rosé with a rich scent from white peach, citrus and summer berries. The taste is elegant and dry with elements of raspberry, citrus and almond. A well-bal-anced acid combined with a dry finish givesthe wine wonderful fullness. Baglietti No.7 is completely organic from start to finish. Serve the wine cold, 6 – 8°C.


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