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KWV Classic Pinotage 2020


This is one big bastard of a red for the price. Balls the size of small orbiting moons and more flavour than a Brazilian carnival.

Technical Details
Blend: Pinotage 100%
ABV: 14%
Closure: Screwcap
Colour: Red
Style: Still
Suitable for Vegetarians: No
Suitable for Vegans: No
Organic: No
Biodynamic: No

Category: - RED, South Africa, Vinecrafter
Tags: Ball Breaking, Brutal, in your face, juicy, leather, Monstrous, oak, smooth

Winery Background Information  

KWV is one of South Africa’s leading wine and spirit producers, with an impressive international reputation and history. Its new owners brought in a winemaking team led by Wim Truter and we are really enjoying their innovative approach and modern wine styles.

Vineyard info / Viticulture  

Soil in the Western Cape comprises ancient (350 million to 500 million years old) weathered soils of alluvial and volcanic origin. The alluvial soils are from both glacial and marine deposits. Some of the origins of the weathered soils are Table Mountain Sandstone, Granite and Malmesbury Shale. These have eroded over millennia and are now generally clay rich loam soils, which are most desirable for their ability to retain water for plant during summer months. Ahead of this challenging vintage, winter brought enough cold to break dormancy although drought conditions persisted. Cool spring weather delayed bud break, but higher rainfall through October and November kept vine development on track. Southeaster winds picked up during flowering with varying impacts. December and January were warmer than 2017 and harvest started later. Defined by small berries, low yields and big concentration, 2018 produced great, elegant wines with full ripeness.


Components of the wine were oak matured for eight to ten months.

Tasting Note

This rich and flavourful Pinotage shows true varietal characteristics with aromas of ripe mulberries, plums and fruit cake. The sweet, juicy tannins carry hints of vanilla on the palate. Seductively soft and beguiling, it rewards every sip with a long and gentle finish.

Food Match  

Fillet, beef or risotto dishes are ideal culinary partners to this wine although it is just as fine when savoured by itself.

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